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Thursday 2nd October, 2014

Man divorces his wife to marry his Real Doll.

Date: 7th May 11:09 AM

By Robert Boxall

A man from Alaska has divorced his wife in order to marry his Real Doll.

Real Doll with face #11 | Photo: Wandadollgirl

A millionaire from Alaska, Larrie Ellerson, divorced his wife last month, in an attempt to get married to Liza, his Real Doll.

Real Doll is a full size doll, that you can do sexual activities with, go on a date with, take to see a movie, or... Marry?

Larrie wishes to have his wedding to his doll on the same day that he and his previous wife got married. So his wedding day will be 2 months from now.

And don't worry about the ex-wife. She's invited aswell!