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Tuesday 21st October, 2014

Could this UFO be a biological entity?

Date: 5th August 2:58 PM

By Felix Pratley Crighton

A new video shows a strange UFO floating above Milan.

source: YouTube

Footage uploaded to YouTube on July 6th shows a UFO floating around, shining brightly, and moving erratically - it was filmed in Milan, Italy, by Antonio Urzi, a ufologist. The video is titled "AMAZING! INCREDIBLE EBANI ON MILAN!! | SUNDAY 6 JULY 2014", EBANI stands for 'Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada', translated to English it reads 'Unidentified Anomalous Biological Entity' - suggesting that Antonio Urzi believes that the UFO is a living being.

The UFO in the video moves very strangely when compared to most UFOs - many of which remain stationary or move as a solid mass - the UFO in this video almost flows, and does not hold its shape for any considerable amount of time. It is the way that it moves that suggests that it could be a living being.

Some have dismissed the UFO as a string of mylar balloons floating high in the atmosphere, as the shining suggests. However many have said that the movement is vastly different from how balloons behave at such high altitudes.

Antonio is well known for capturing pictures and video footage of UFOs, leading some to believe that he falsifies the images - as how could one man see so many UFOs? Well, Urzi has pointed out UFOs in public, causing other people to notice them at the same time - which would be practically impossible to fake.

This is certainly one of the more convincing sightings of recent times, but what do you think? Follow us on Twitter @whizbaweird