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Wednesday 17th September, 2014

Florida man tries to have sex with beer can, ends up in hospital.

Date: 8th May 10:27 AM

By Jay King

A man from Florida has been taken to hospital with severe cuts to his genitalia.

Beer can - Photo: AnArt.

The unnamed and rather embarrassed man from Barto reports to have been out in the town trying to find a lady friend to mate with, when he came home on his own, on Wednesday.

The Florida man said that he was "extremely horny". That's when he grabbed an empty beer can, and began to "try to make love to it".

It was "about 2 pumps in" that he felt water dripping off of his private area, and he looked down to find that it was blood.

The injury occurred when the 23-year-old twisted the can, ever so slightly, and split the skin. Still humping whilst doing so.

The man's penis was 'cut to ribbons' and will need surgery, the hospital expects he will have a full recovery within a few weeks.