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Wednesday 1st October, 2014

Sleep paralysis first time recording of a Demon!

Date: 24th July 11:35 AM

By Simon Stevens

A strange video has emerged of a possible first time recording of a demon affecting someone sleeping and making them feel like they are paralysed...

The Demon in question

This poor guy might not be getting much sleep...

There is a strange video going around the web of a shadowy figure watching over someone while they sleep. This figure appears to him on the wall behind his bed and is very strange indeed.

The common description is the feeling of having a demon in your room but you cant do anything about it because your body is paralysed from head to toes but you are still aware.

There are lots of stories of people that have experienced this.
Here is a comment from the website reddit
Username stakstik - "

I had one. It lasted for hours and hours, in my head but I woke up at 4:30. I was mentally tortured by just being laid on by it and it crawling around smiling. Not good, happy smile btw. More like, I'm torturing you without even leaving a scratch on you. Laying on me breathing on me going to the side of me. I moved out a month or so later and 2 years later I have not had one since. I would probably go completely insane if I did. And when I said hours it was like days hours years. It was like forever but it wasn't. It was very weird but horrible."

The story that goes with this video is posted by a Mr -Mike Pike " I had sleep paralysis for the first time a few nights ago. During the paralysis I saw an ominous black figure at the end of my bed. It was terrifying. I was sure it was just a hallucination, but after doing some research I found that many other people have reported seeing a similar black figure.

The next night I felt a dark presence in my room but I didn't see anything this time. So the night after, out of fearful curiosity, I decided to leave my light on and set up my video camera to record through the night.

What I found has scared the crap out of me, but also made me think that what I saw was real! I nearly missed it on the video but I noticed a small spike in the audio signal so I looked at that part of the footage. Here is what I saw... "