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Monday 20th October, 2014

Minnesota man "molested" by bear.

Date: 2nd May 11:13 AM

By Robert Boxall

A man from Minnesota has called police after being "molested" by a bear.

Photo: Google Maps.

The man in question, Steven Crouch, was having a hike through the Kabetogama State Forest when he came across a black bear.

Crouch then said that he tried to pretend to be dead, as to make the bear go away, but the animal seemed to take a liking to him, and he grabbed Steven by the back of his sweater and carried him to his den.

Then the bear "performed sexual acts" on him, whilst Crouch still played dead. The bear then "went to get some food" and Crouch slipped out of the cave and phoned local authorities to tell them that he had been captured and molested by a bear.

Crouch said that he doesn't know why he phoned police first, as "they cannot arrest a bear".

The 34-year-old has been taken to hospital with scratches and bite marks to his back and shoulder.