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Tuesday 21st October, 2014

Florida man holds 3 woman in his house as sex slaves

Date: 17th June 2:20 PM

By Robert Boxall

A middle-aged accountant from Gainsville, Florida, has been accused of human trafficking after authorities say that he kept 3 women tied up in virtual slavery for months.

Timothy Deegan.

53-year-old Timothy Deegan has reportedly drugged them, videotaped them and forced them to perform sexual activities with him, and other men. All of the 3 woman found Deegan after they offered him their services on a escort website, where the woman were selling their sexual services.

One of the 3 victims notified police after she found a tape of Deegan raping her whilst she was unconscious because of drugs. Deegan has been arrested and is being held on a $300,000 bond.

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