Friday, 31 October 2014
Plans to start repaying the UK's £2 billion in outstanding First World War debt have been revealed. Redeeming bonds dating back to the 18th century. National War Bonds were originally issued in 1917 with the 1917 advert stating “if you cannot fight, invest all you can in 5% bonds. This was part... More detail
Austrian artist Thomas Medicus has created this hand-painted sculpture made of 160 glass strips. It hosts four different images that make themselves apparent depending on which angle you view it from.The 'anamorphic' installation appears to be a flying bird from one angle, yet a fish from another.... More detail
"absolutely no intention of decriminalising drugs" in the UK, despite evidence that a change could help. A Government report has indicated that criminal penalties against drug-taking make no difference to the level of substance abuse in a country. A split between the coalition has presented... More detail
Prime Minister David Cameronsaid he feels a "moral duty" to cut taxes and then came under attack from Labours opposition claims that promised income tax changes would save the average worker £3,800 by 2020 The Prime Minister who is still licking his wounds over EU financial demands and... More detail
A Libyan man who was sent back to his home country has won the right to sue the United Kingdom for illegally handing him back.   Abdel Hakim Belhadj was sent back to Libya and was forced to suffer at the hands of Muammar Gaddafi's henchmen,  he says that he and his wife were kidnapped... More detail
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A pair of surgeons in Australia have successfully managed to transplant a human heart into another person after the heart was officially dead for 20 minutes!.   This has been considered impossible for a long time, the current law states that you cannot use the heart from a brain dead person... More detail
The pensioner has been found guilty of murdering his partner and her daughter after shooting them dead at his Surrey puppy farm. Farnham resident John Lowe, 82, had denied both counts of murder and a firearms charge. He claimed the deaths of both Christine Lee, 66, and Lucy Lee, 40, were "a... More detail

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Tesco being investigated by Serious Fraud Office!

Tesco being investigated by Serious Fraud Office!

31 October 2014
One of the countries leading supermarket chains is officially being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, Tesco has been under…

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